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Green Roofs

Insulation and structural protection under green roofs and patio systems

REGUPOL resist geo is a combined protective and drainage layer and helps you to bring back a piece of nature to places where building development and land sealing need to be compensated for. REGUPOL resist geo is water permeable, with a laminated geotextile top surface and a profiled underside, which supports the water permeability and drainage function. The geotextile membrane keeps suspended solids and sediments away from the water-bearing layer and also provides protection from mechanical damage, thus guaranteeing the structure’s long-term waterproofing and drainage capacity. REGUPOL resist geo is easy and efficient to install and does not require any waiting time before the subsequent roof construction can begin. REGUPOL resist geo can be used in all rubber-compatible waterproofing systems and materials used for green roofing. REGUPOL resist geo consists of up to 95 percent recycled and reprocessed polymer raw materials. REGUPOL resist geo is a successful example of an efficiently functioning recycling economy.

Green roofs reduce temperature peaks on roof surfaces and significantly extend the service life of the waterproofing. This makes them more than just a visual improvement for any building. With REGUPOL composite hydro, we can supply you with a vegetation-promoting mat for installation under green roofs. It has an outstanding water storage capacity, but doesn’t get too heavy for a flat roof when saturated. the underside profiling allows excess water to drain off easily. REGUPOL composite hydro consists of PUR-bonded PUR foam, up to 95 percent of which is based on recycled and reprocessed raw materials. REGUPOL composite hydro thus makes a double contribution to making construction more sustainable and is a successful example of an efficient circular economy. 

This is also why REGUPOL was awarded the Environmental Economy Prize.NRW in 2020 and the Efficiency Prize NRW in 2021.

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REGUPOL resist geo

REGUPOL resist geo combines a protection layer according to DIN 18531 and drainage in one layout. The material is water-permeable, rot-proof and…

REGUPOL composite hydro

REGUPOL composite hydro has an outstanding water storage capacity without becoming too heavy even when saturated.

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