REGUPOL walkway standard

Safe paths on flat roofs

REGUPOL walkway standard

Safe paths on flat roofs

REGUPOL walkway standard the elastic roof and paving tiles for building and marking maintenance routes on flat roofs and protection from the sealing system according to DIN 18531. The material is fire retardant, drainable, highly visible and slip-resistant when wet with general appraisal certificate for fire class BROOF (t1), so called „hard roof“, by its fire-retardant finish.

The elastic roof and walkway tiles REGUPOL walkway standard are used for maintenance paths on flat roofs with photovoltaic, solar, antenna or other technical installations. As a protective membrane, the dense, viscoplastic material protects the waterproofing from damage. 

A simple dowel plug-in system makes the panels easy to lay and connect to form homogenous surfaces or maintenance paths that are ready for use immediately. The material is flame retardant and, when laid over the entire surface, is classified as "hard roofing" with its BROOF (t1) classification in accordance with DIN EN 13501-5. 

REGUPOL walkway standard is resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat and reduces the fire load on flat roofs – as attested by the general building authority approval certificate P-MPA-E-21-507. 

The available colours red and black clearly mark the maintenance paths even in poor visibility. Their undersides have criss-crossing drainage grooves so that they can be laid in any position relative to the direction of slope. REGUPOL walkway standard tiles can be laid directly on bituminous membranes, though an additional aluminium lamination is required with some plastic waterproofing (PVC-soft). 

Our REGUPOL walkway standard tiles consist of up to 95 percent PUR-bonded, recovered and recycled rubber granules and is therefore a perfect example of the circular economy, or upcycling, in practice.

REGUPOL walkway standard

Color and pattern selection


  • Protective layer in compliance with DIN 18531 and German flat roof guidelines
  • Consists of up to 95% PUR-bonded rubber granulates 
  • Relatively low tare weight
  • Pressure-resistant, permanently elastic, temperature-resistant, resistant to ageing
  • Water-permeable, rot-proof
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis, to the greatest possible extent
  • Highly slip-resistant
  • General building authority approval certificate P-MPA-E-21-507:
  • BROOF (t1) in acc. with DIN EN 13501-5, tested in acc. with DIN CEN/TS 1187, classified as “hard roofing”
  • Anti-static in acc. with EN 1815
  • Easy to lay/install

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